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Tanner Park

We went to Tanner Park today and took the dogs to the dog park. They were so happy they were pulling the girls down the hill.

Lucy (our Lab) and Cassy (the pound puppy) went swimming after they tested the waters.

This foot bridge crosses a water way that runs through the park and we did our best to stay in the shade because it was hot as heck.

Later in the evening a storm started brewing and the sky went wild.

I was starting to lighten this picture in photoshop and then I got side tracked with saturation. It just kept asking for it.

I started walking down the street and the clouds behind my house just kept changing colors.
You really had to see it to believe it.

I came around the corner and there was this small double rainbow. I took a few pictures and then my battery went dead so I had to run home and change it out. By then it was gone. It was a really a nice day.

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