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Moon Rise and Sunset

Tonight I visited a building I have never been in before. My wife and her co-workers from the Deseret News have recently moved to the Triad Center where they will be working with KSL TV and Newsradio. As we got out of the elevators, she headed left while I headed right. I had noticed an opened atrium and I wanted to see the view.
Looking to west I saw a beautiful sunset.

(insert picture of a beautiful sunset here)

The color was so unique I was wishing that I had my camera. Later it occurred to me that it was probably the dark shade of the windows that were responsible for that color. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it.
When we turned to the east, we were in a perfect position to watch the moon rising over downtown. I told Lois, "I have to come back here and get a shot of this."

(insert picture of beautiful moon rise here)

Tomorrow I am hoping to come back and get a shot of that moon. If not, I will probably post a picture of something else. 
(insert picture of whatever here)