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Moon Rise and Sunset

Tonight I visited a building I have never been in before. My wife and her co-workers from the Deseret News have recently moved to the Triad Center where they will be working with KSL TV and Newsradio. As we got out of the elevators, she headed left while I headed right. I had noticed an opened atrium and I wanted to see the view.
Looking to west I saw a beautiful sunset.

(insert picture of a beautiful sunset here)

The color was so unique I was wishing that I had my camera. Later it occurred to me that it was probably the dark shade of the windows that were responsible for that color. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it.
When we turned to the east, we were in a perfect position to watch the moon rising over downtown. I told Lois, "I have to come back here and get a shot of this."

(insert picture of beautiful moon rise here)

Tomorrow I am hoping to come back and get a shot of that moon. If not, I will probably post a picture of something else. 
(insert picture of whatever here)


Autumn Nears (part II)

Fire on the mountain.

   These photos were taken between Park City and Heber on Sunday morning. They were not edited. 
   I can't believe how red the leaves are right now. A week ago there were only a few trees that had changed.


Life Through a Lens

   I almost forgot to mention, my youngest daughter Aly has started a photo blog. She is trying to build up a portfolio for school so that she can take digital photography. You can visit her blog here: it is called Life Through a Lens. She has only posted once so far, but she has taken a lot of pictures over the past year or two and is still getting used to this blogging thing. I'm sure once she gets the hang of it she will be posting some of her other stuff.
    I am hoping that the two of us can take a photography class this coming year. That would be awesome. Anyhow, drop by her blog and pay her a visit.


September 11


A couple of years ago we went to Sandy, Utah, to see the flag display honoring those who died on September 11. With the help of the Colonial Flag Foundation and volunteers, each year thousands of flags are placed on the lawn in front of Sandy City Hall.
The first year I went there was very emotional. I was touched by the gesture the people from Colonial Flag had made by making this possible. I remembered reading something about this and how the owner or someone from the company had wanted so desperately to do something in honor of those fallen victims and heroes. It was pretty simple. They had a flag company and so they put up some flags. One for everyone who died on that tragic day.
I am always so deeply moved when I visit this place. Those invisible strings inside me get pulled and tugged this way and that and I always cry.
Today, Lois told me that Jeni has been learning of this in school and that she had some questions. I've always taken it for granted that both of the girls just knew because each year at this time Lois and I always talk about it. Looking back I realized that they were only three and four. Aly sobbed today after she watched YouTube with Jen. It was the same emotion that I get when I think about it. That feeling I'll never forget.
I think this year when they saw the flags there was a sense of awe and understanding.

To learn more about the Colonial Flag Foundation Visit the Healing Field



This Gem had old tunes on it from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Kind of fun to see.
Blackberrys Red When It's Green - Lorraine Benson
Rooky Toody - Dick Reinhart
Far Away Places - Dinah Shore
Broken Hearted - Johnnie Ray
After You've Gone - Gene Krupa
Shuffle Off To Buffalo - Don Bestor and his Orchestra
Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Red River Dave
Two-Gun Harry From Tucumcari - Dorothy Shay


Sunday Drive

We took a Sunday drive and drove up one of the canyons for breakfast and ended up at the zoo.
They had a wonderful bird show that was going on and we barely made it into the show.

Taken at Hogle Zoo during a bird show.
Eurasian Eagle Owl


American Golden Eagle



Crystal Hot Springs - Behind the Falls

I took this picture in the pool while 40 or 50 people watched oohing and awing. It was quite comical. I didn't look at anyone except the girls and the whole time I was hoping that I didn't drop my camera.