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Crystal Hot Springs - Behind the Falls

I took this picture in the pool while 40 or 50 people watched oohing and awing. It was quite comical. I didn't look at anyone except the girls and the whole time I was hoping that I didn't drop my camera.


  1. I like the way the water has turned the girls into a painting. What a really nice image... Did you take this while you were in Yellowstone?

  2. Teri,
    This was actually at Crystal Hot Springs. Not Lava Hot Springs. It is just north of Brigham City in a town called Honeyville. They have 3 hot tubs, one Olympic size pool and two smaller pools. I have no idea why I wrote Lava Hot Springs.

  3. That is a cool photo. I like the way the water changes the faces.

  4. very cool photo! I love the effect of the water flowing over the girls, Wow!