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Memorial Day Weekend

Salt Lake City Cemetery - Upper Section.
While laying flowers out we noticed some beautiful colors right at dusk.


Waning Gibbous Moon

The sky was really ominous this morning on the way into work. I didn't have the tripod so I had to hold very still. It was very cool until it dropped behind the clouds about 20 seconds after this last shot. It came out again about the time I got to work but the light had changed a lot.


Dale Chihuly - Abravanel Hall

This Dale Chihuly creation, made of blown glass, was carefully pieced together for the 2002 Olympics. Its name is Olympic Tower 2002. When the Games were over, the community raised a LOT of money to keep it and it remains in the Abravanel Hall, home of the Utah symphony, where it adds color to an earth-tone landscape.

Looking at a reflection of the sculpture with the LDS Temple outside across the street.
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The Yaqui Flag

Tonight was multi-cultural night celebrating the diversity of Aly's school and the neighborhood. This year there were 34 countries attending her school who spoke 26 different languages. For those of you who are familiar with Carlos Castaneda's books and the Shaman Don Juan Matus, you may also know that Don Juan was a Yaqui Indian.
The school was kind enough to purchased a Yaqui flag for Aly to carry out this year as part of the flag ceremony they do each year. I thought it was pretty awesome that the school took the time to research the flag and actually order one for one of their students to carry out.


Remnants and Rainbows

These remnants of a concrete structure sit off the I-15 outside of Brigham City. They are quite colorful and the structure is often painted over and over again.

After getting off the interstate we drove through a little town called Honeyville. We stopped for a minute to read a sign and I looked up at the sky and saw this dot of a rainbow that seemed to hover for about 20 minutes.


Road Trip

This old unused telephone pole has glass insulators strung across it. There are dozens and dozens of these poles that stretch out for miles along I-80. The power lines in the background I believe still carry electricity. There is a bird perched on the pole and the shadow of railroad tracks run parallel to the fence lines. Plus we're in a moving vehicle. I love the clouds in this shot.



These are pictures of bird nest surrounding the minarets out at Saltair.
Saltair Pavillion was a pretty big deal back in the day. 
You can check it out here.

These birds were flying all over the place. They were picking up all the brine shrimp and bringing them back home for all the babies.

They look a lot like wasp nest to me.



 13 miles out. (This is a building outside of Salt Lake City on the road to Wendover).
A building, a burned out train and a little bit of paint.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Lois!
Next time we won't take all your Godiva Chocolates to the restaurant and eat them as appetizers. That is a promise. It was a good lesson.


A Gift

This is me without a tripod trying to catch the ISS and the Space Shuttle treking across the sky.
Didn't work out like I had planned.