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These pictures were taken from high above North Salt Lake city looking out across the lake and the marsh lands towards Antelope Island.


Utah Governor's Mansion

Built in 1902 by prominent mining magnate Thomas Kearns. Designed by Utah architect Carl M. Neuhausen.
I have had a chance to visit this place a few times over the years and from a historic perspective the mansion is quite impressive. After taking these pictures I found out that they do tours through the summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I plan on returning. The sad thing is that they don't allow cameras or recording devices into the Mansion. Sigh. What's that all about?



Lois and I drove up to the Point of the Mountain tonight to take some pictures. I forgot my other lens so they aren't very good shots. Now that we know how to get up there we will be going back.


Karrick Building

This red brick building caught my attention after looking at the beautiful facade. I looked it up and found that this building was constructed in 1887 by Lewis W. Karrick who made a considerable fortune from mining interests.
The architect Richard Kletting is recognized for designing the State Capitol Building. (You may remember that he also built the Fisher Mansion) The building also housed a gambling hall and apartments for eight prostitutes who lived on the second floor.


Waxing Gibbous

There is a partial lunar eclipse on Saturday the 26th. If I can wake myself up around 4am than I will try to get pictures. I have to be at work at 6am so it depends on whether I can bring myself to shorting myself two hours of sleep.


Chalk Art Part II


Mom and babies hand

Scuse me, while I kiss the sky this guy.





Chalk Art Part I

I missed posting anything over the past couples of days. There just isn't enough time in the day when you work 12 hour shifts and come home dead tired. But I am hoping to make it up by capturing more shots of the chalk art that is going on here in town this weekend. 
The Utah Foster Care Foundation has been hosting an annual Chalk Art Festival for the past 8 years now and there are around a hundred participants. 
Aly and I went down to the Gateway Mall after I got off work and we both took a bunch of pictures. We had walked from one end of the Mall to the other when I noticed that I had my camera set on the wrong setting and I had to re-shoot everything. By that time it was starting to get dark. Sigh...
I am hoping to get some shots tomorrow either before or after we hit Park City. By then all the artist should be done with there work. Good night.


Millcreek Canyon

Misty Mountain Tops

We drove up one of the canyons this morning and although it was cold, it was quite beautiful.


Keep Out!

This is where the villain from Jeepers Creepers lives.

Actually I believe this is an old cement factory. The signs say Keep Out!
It is kind of a neat looking building and we drive by it on my way home from work but we have never stopped. The view from the freeway is the shot I'd like to have but, it is in a very weird place on the road and the interstate starts twisting and turning. It is too dangerous to stop.


Thanksgiving Point

Girl by Water

The Falls

The Koi Pond

 Baby Geese

 The flower gardens at Thanksgiving Point are really something to see. We rented a golf cart and went over the two or three miles of grounds today. They have a several different themed flower gardens you can visit. (Make sure you click on the photo twice to get the full view zoom).



After months of cool temperatures, yesterdays heat melted 3 to 4 inches of snow pack every hour. Last night rivers and creeks filled past flood levels and many homes, apartments and businesses started flooding overnight. Lois called me this morning and told me that some parts of the city were six feet under water. I imagine Tanner park was a big mess today.

This street was a few blocks away from the big deluge. The water here should be running through a culvert under the road where those concrete walls are. I am guessing that the water level here is normally only a few feet high. 
It is likely that tonight will be the same as last night.