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Fisher Mansion

Fisher Mansion
The Victorian mansion was built in 1893 by architect Richard Kletting (designer of the Utah State Capitol). The grounds also include a carriage house. Built for Albert Fisher, president of the Fisher Brewing Company, the mansion was leased to the Catholic Church in 1940 and was later used as a homeless shelter for men who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction.


San Francisco 2010

I don't think Aly remembers very much from her first time visiting the ocean. 
This picture seems to capture her apprehension as she approaches the water

I took this shot as a landmark. It wasn't until later that I noticed all the books flying out of the window. 
City Lights Bookstore is just across the street. Sadly I didn't know it or I would have stopped for a visit.

 I was amazed at how beautiful the landscape was as we came out of Donner Pass. 
This was only about ten minutes out, moments earlier we were in a snowstorm.
We were searching for Happy Cows but none were close enough to the road. 

 The girls were craving crepes so we went to a place on Pier 39. 
This is a picture of The Ceiling.

 As usual, my fascination with honeybees always stops me in my tracks.
I don't know why. 

The Hard Rock Cafe is another obsession I have.
I probably have a dozen shirts or so from different cities.
This is my first picture though.

Riding the Metro.