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This Gem had old tunes on it from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Kind of fun to see.
Blackberrys Red When It's Green - Lorraine Benson
Rooky Toody - Dick Reinhart
Far Away Places - Dinah Shore
Broken Hearted - Johnnie Ray
After You've Gone - Gene Krupa
Shuffle Off To Buffalo - Don Bestor and his Orchestra
Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Red River Dave
Two-Gun Harry From Tucumcari - Dorothy Shay


Sunday Drive

We took a Sunday drive and drove up one of the canyons for breakfast and ended up at the zoo.
They had a wonderful bird show that was going on and we barely made it into the show.

Taken at Hogle Zoo during a bird show.
Eurasian Eagle Owl


American Golden Eagle



Crystal Hot Springs - Behind the Falls

I took this picture in the pool while 40 or 50 people watched oohing and awing. It was quite comical. I didn't look at anyone except the girls and the whole time I was hoping that I didn't drop my camera.