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   This is what is known as The Spiral Jetty. It was constructed in 1970 on the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake by Robert Smithson. At the time that it was built, the water level was considerably low. After a few years the Jetty was covered and remained so for 30 years. It re-emerged in 2004 and was exposed for most of the year. In the past few years the water level has risen and submerged depending on the weather and the snow pack. 
Photo by Wikipedia

   A week or so ago Lois told me that the Jetty was about to disappear again and so we made plans to drive out to see it. Unfortunately the water level had already rose a great deal and the pictures I took didn't quite do it justice. I did get a couple of shots of what I can only presume to be old footings from some long forgotten piers and an old anchor of some sort.

The Piers

Old Anchor or just something round

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