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Yellowstone 2010 (part I)

These white caps are from strong winds skimming across the top of Yellowstone Lake. We escaped for a few days and visited one of our favorite parks.

On one of the Continental Divide pull offs we stopped for a rest and checked out this lily pond.

This Bison is sharing lunch with some birds.

This is taken up on Blacktail Deer loop that is between Mammoth and Tower. The six mile dirt road is always a nice place to visit. This year there were many patches of wildflowers and the hills were very green.

Tower Creek is another place we like to stop and visit. The water and the canyon are always amazing to look at.
This year we saw a lot of bald eagles and 5 bears. First we saw one grizzly and then we saw a black bear. As we drove off from seeing the black bear we came upon another grizzly and her two cubs. I still have to go through a lot of pictures before I can post any of them.
We had a nice time and it was a much needed break. I am however glad to be back home.


  1. I am so glad you and your family were able to take a trip to such a great park. Yellowstone was a favorite of mine when we lived in Salt Lake back in the 80's. I am really impressed you have photos up so quickly. They are all lovely.

  2. Fantastic Photos!! I especially like the one with the little blue bird sitting on the post.